Student Council Sponsors Christmas Festivities

The final two weeks of a semester are filled with stress, tests, papers, too much caffeine, too little sleep, and endless studying. Recognizing the drudgery that often accompanies finals, the student council decided to bring a little Christmas spirit to the last few days of school.

The week before finals, the STUCO sponsored a door decorating contest in the high school building. Each Bible class was assigned a door to decorate, and the staff voted on the winning door.


2nd place: Sophomores

3rd place: Juniors

1st place: Intro to Bible (international students). 2nd place: Sophomores. 3rd place: Juniors.


7th grade


8th grade





The Student Council declared the Monday of finals week to be “Marvelously Ugly Sweater Monday.” Students and staff were encouraged to proudly wear the ugliest sweaters they could find, and many rose to the challenge. The STUCO officers deemed math teacher Andy Falk’s sweater the ugliest, so he received a ball of yarn to knit himself a new sweater.

sweaterA few of the Magnificently Ugly Sweater Monday participants.

Following the Christmas chapel on Wednesday (and right before beginning two days of finals), STUCO surprised the student body with a hot chocolate break. Whether using the time to cram for finals or chat with friends, the students enjoyed the break before heading into finals.

hot chocolateStudent Council Members Trevor Cumpston, Zac Dockweiler, and Hannah Myers
prepare hot chocolate for the student body.

freshmenSome of the freshman girls enjoying their hot chocolate.

Through fun activities and contests, the student council accomplished its goal of making finals week a little more bearable.

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