Student Council Sponsors Blood Drive

Nebraska Christian Schools held its annual blood drive on January 17th in the school’s music and worship room. The event was organized by the student council, who placed signs around campus advertising the event. They also asked people to donate blood and set up appointments. The day of the event, student council members helped the Red Cross people unload and reload their blood mobile and took turns working at the registration table and canteen (snack table). They also talked with donors and helped those who didn’t feel well after their donation.

A blood drive involves giving blood so it is available to the people who need it in any emergency situation, and there were two types of donations at the NC drive: regular blood donation and double red blood cells donation. In regular (whole) blood donation, one unit of blood is taken. In double red blood cells donation, the blood drawn goes into a machine, and the red cells are removed. Then the remaining blood product is returned to the donor by IV. This process takes about twice as long as whole blood donation, which is the regular blood donation.

In order to donate blood, there are several requirements one needs to follow. You must be healthy. Donors must meet height and weight requirements. People ages 16 and older are eligible to donate. Other health and travel requirements must be met, but most people will be able to donate. Side effects can occur from blood donation, and some people feel a little dizzy or lightheaded. Eating or drinking usually helps. Also, most people will feel a little sore.

Lydia Johnson, who donated blood at last year’s drive and donated again this year, said she continues to give because she understands how important it is. “I have a family member who needed nine units of blood after giving birth, and without that blood, she would have died. And I have a cousin in Afghanistan, and he told me about all the soldiers who need blood. I give because it’s a good thing to do.”

In total, the NC blood drive collected 25 units from the students, teachers, and parents. Thank you to all those individuals who helped in making this a huge success!

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