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Nebraska Christian hosts many exciting events throughout the school year such as sporting events, choir concerts, fundraisers, and so much more! These events are a great way to bring the staff, student body, and community together as a whole. Unfortunately, some events are not at a convenient time for everyone. This can be very frustrating for people who wish to attend, but are unable to due to distance or schedules. Over the last few years, Nebraska Christian has been working with today’s technology programs to help people stay up to date with what’s happening at NC.

Recently, students and staff have been working with a website by the name of Striv (“Strive”) is a program which allows schools to broadcast events, such as sports and concerts, live on the Internet. This is wonderful for those who are not able to attend. They can simply log onto Nebraska Christian’s Striv page and view the video as it’s happening, or they can play the footage after the event is over. Striv is a wonderful way for people who are unable to attend home events to keep up with the school.

Another way Nebraska Christian is getting the word out about “what’s happening” at school is Facebook. NC’s Facebook page is being updated on a regular basis with reports on what’s happening in the student body, among the staff, and across campus. Facebook is also a wonderful way for us to share pictures and videos.

Our school calendar is available on our website, and it includes all sporting events and other activities. It’s hosted by Google, which makes it very simple to sync our calendar to your personal calendar on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Additionally, the school has a Twitter page, where sports scores and other “in the moment” updates are posted.

From Facebook to Striv TV, Nebraska Christian is keeping up with technology to make “keeping up” with the school’s events more convenient.

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