Senior Retreat Focuses on Leadership


Outdoor activities included rock climbing, crate stacking, and zip lining.

On August 22, the Nebraska Christian seniors went on their yearly senior retreat. In the morning, they went to Grand Island to get coffee at Baristas. After enjoying a hearty cup of joe, they went to Covenant Cedars Bible Camp for entertaining group activities and personal leadership training. The seniors were taught vital leadership skills through fun games and from informational talks by school chaplain Gordon Thiessen. The leadership training was focused on teaching the seniors how to lead the new E-Groups at school. (E-Groups will be the focus of a future blog post.) As the year goes on, the seniors will use these skills in many different ways and will be able to more confidently lead the underclassmen and set a good example for the people that are around them. While the seniors learned these leadership traits, they grew closer together as friends and as brothers and sisters in Christ.


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