Celebrate My Drive Continues

Nebraska Christian Schools is participating in this year’s Celebrate My Drive sponsored by State Farm. Celebrate My Drive promotes safe driving by asking voters to commit to safe driving daily, while providing safe driving tips and facts. This year State Farm is promoting the saying “2N2”, which means two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. Those who commit to safe driving are able to vote for a school to win a $25,000 or $100,000 grant. This is the second year that Nebraska Christian has been entered in the competition.

We are trying to raise awareness and ask voters to vote for NC by having a daily photo theme contest for our students. The following themes were used throughout the contest: Wee Baby Wednesday, Eagle Thought Thursday, Fear Friday, See Spot Saturday, Selfie Sunday, Moments Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Work Together Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Photobomb Friday. Students who post these pictures on social media are asked to include a voting link that makes it easy for their friends and family to vote.

Students have an extra incentive to post pictures and raise awareness because NC is awarding individual and class prizes for those who participate in the photo theme days. Individual prizes are awarded to those who have the most total likes, shares, and comments on their photos. The individual prize for third place is a $25 Visa gift card, second place is the winner and three friends have lunch at any Central City restaurant, and first place is the winner and five friends have lunch at any Central City restaurant. The class who has the most likes, shares, and comments on their photos will get a prize of “sweats day,” where the class chooses a day that they can wear sweat pants to school. If the school receives a grant, there is an extra day added to Christmas Break. You can follow our posts and our students’ posts in the following places: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To vote, you can go to http://st8.fm/cmd, choose Nebraska Christian High School, and make your commitment. Even if you are not a student, you can share your commitment and ask others to vote for Nebraska Christian. Spread the word, and remember to make good choices while driving!


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