Grandparents’ Day Recap

IMG_9852On Friday, October 10th the elementary school celebrated a favorite tradition… Grandparents Day! This year’s Grandparents Day had a detective theme. Elementary grandparents were welcomed with NC subs for lunch with a dessert of magnifying glass cookies. After lunch, the elementary students got to showcase their many talents with a band performance, choir performance, and the group recitation of their class Bible verse. Next, the families got to play games such as flag football and balloon volleyball. Much to the elementary student’s surprise, their grandparents still had the athleticism to show their grandkids who the “top dog” really is. Next, the grandparents got to see the school while going on a scavenger hunt. After touring the campus, the elementary students and grandparents got to rest their tired legs and headed for the classroom where students had to interview their grandparents and then share with the class some interesting things about these special people.

DSC03457Janelle Murphy, Teacher Aide for the 5th and 6th grade, said, “I honestly haven’t seen many of these kids happier!”

This was a great way to honor the grandparents of these students, and they all had a very fun, memorable day.


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