Teacher Feature: Sara Musgrave

saraMrs. Sara Musgrave has been affiliated with Nebraska Christian Schools for more than 25 years, and she has come back to teach the Spanish II class this year. She came to learn Spanish through five years in junior high, senior high, a semester in college, several classes and schools while in Mexico, where she and her family lived for 14 ½ years. She has been teaching on and off for around 20 years here at Nebraska Christian. Mrs. Musgrave said, “I’d like my students to continue to learn the basics of grammar, to learn how to learn a language, to learn proper pronunciation of Spanish, and to learn to understand and speak simple sentences. Listening and speaking are totally different from reading a language. To communicate, we need both tools, to listen and speak, as well as the vocabulary and the ‘rules’ of the language.”

Mrs. Musgrave, her husband Rich, and their son Matthew lived in Mexico as missionaries for 14 ½ years, serving God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. With her love for children and young people, she is still serving Christ as a teacher here at Nebraska Christian. “I’m first of all God’s child because of Jesus dying for my sins and rising from the dead. So I’m trusting God to save me and to continue to help, teach, and discipline me because He is faithful. I like to help people and learn from them. I really enjoy children and young people.”

Mrs. Musgrave came to know about Nebraska Christian because “we came as boys dorm parents originally,” and because her father became the superintendent in the summer of 1973. Welcome back Mrs. Musgrave!


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