Mission: Germany

Noah Dexter

Noah Dexter

From October 18th through October 30th, Noah Dexter, a junior at Nebraska Christian, was given an opportunity to travel to Germany. Noah traveled there along with Paul and Janet Harkness, two local Awana missionaries. Noah was given an opportunity to take part in some evangelism courses while he was there. The trip lasted for 14 days, in a town “30 miles south of Berlin, whose name nobody can pronounce.”

“It was more like discipleship training,” said Noah in a recent interview. “It started out with just the regular ‘good news, bad news’ method. But later on, I learned two very valuable things: (1) how to change any average conversation to one of spiritual content, opening the door for witnessing, and (2) how to effectively follow up with someone after witnessing with them. Later that week, I got to tour Berlin; it gave me an excellent chance to try this out.”

During the interview, Noah also noted that the entire atmosphere of Germany was different than that of the United States. “Everyone was so laid back; it was a refreshing change of pace.” Noah concluded by stating that he was blessed to go on such a trip, and he is looking forward to opportunities to use the lessons he learned.

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