Giving for a Cause


Senior Zach Brock reads the provided information prior to giving blood.

The annual Nebraska Christian Blood Drive is in the books! This year the Nebraska Christian Student Council worked very hard to give students an opportunity to impact the lives of others. Being an ambassador for Christ means doing things that may not be in your comfort zone, and that could include giving blood. Many students took this to heart and signed up to give.

At 7:30 a.m. on the appointed day, the American Red Cross arrived at the school ready to start their busy day. There were many first time givers; it was very exciting to see all the new donors step-up to the plate and give blood. First-time donor and senior Zach Brock said, “Giving blood was a good way to begin the last semester of high school. Even though I was freaking out, it was worth it.” Giving just one pint of blood can save three lives.

Overall, the blood drive had 19 successful donations with a goal of 25. Although the NC drive fell short of the goal, just getting 19 donations was a success, considering the amount of sickness going around. The Nebraska Christian Student Council would like to thank everyone that supported this great cause and gave blood!

Top photo: Senior Liz Smith prepares to give blood. Smith is a regular donor who often gives at drives in Grand Island.

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