True Sports: NC Soccer

The Nebraska Christian Boys’ Soccer League Team was awarded the 2015 Sportsman of the Year Award from the Grand Island High School Indoor Soccer League. The boys showed phenomenal sportsmanship throughout the year and were always a positive influence to the other teams. The season wrapped up February 21st at the Fonner Park Indoor Fieldhouse. The boys played a lot of Class A schools such as Grand Island Senior High, Kearney High, and Norfolk. The boys didn’t win a game this year, but they always showed true sportsmanship, a competitive fighting spirit and perseverance to never give up.

Clay Mankin, the boys’ soccer team head coach, said, “We talked a lot about commitment to something greater than yourself; it was all a learning process, and I felt the guys were very committed to the team.”

Coach Mankin said he is most excited to build on the foundation that they laid this year: “We learned the fundamentals, and next year we’ll be able to expand and hopefully put them into better use.”

The Eagles will be returning an experienced younger team that hopes to compete better with the Class A schools. With hard work, dedication, and faith, they can conquer anything next year.

Pictured above: Row 1: Lewis Nguyen, Martin Nguyen, Austin Nguyen. Row 2: Phillip Nguyen, Tom Kang. Row 3: Ryan Dexter, Cameron Langemeier, Matt Myers, Jihoon Kim, Daniel Myers, Ji Ha Kim, Kyle Kim.

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