Homecoming ’15 Recap

Before the Homecoming Week festivities, the student council decided the dress-up themes for four days. They were Fashion Disaster on Tuesday, Disney vs. Marvel on Wednesday, Class Holiday on Thursday, and Blue & White on Friday.

Tuesday, September 15th was Fashion Disaster Day. Most of the students and staff dressed in weird clothes. Some people dressed up in an old 80’s style; most of the people had non-matching shoes and socks on.
On Wednesday, the theme was Disney vs. Marvel. The Incredibles, Iron Man, and even Alice and the Mad Hatter made an appearance.
On Thursday, the classes had different themes. The seniors’ theme was Christmas, and they were creative, being Santa Clause, reindeer, Christmas trees, and present boxes. The juniors’ theme was the Fourth of July. They all sported the colors of red, white, and blue. Some of them were American flags. The sophomores got Valentine’s Day. There were three adorable cupids, a kissing booth, and little pink hearts flowing in the school building. The freshmen were all green because they had St. Patrick’s Day. Thanksgiving came in September this year with the junior high students dressing as Thanksgiving turkeys, football players, Native Americans, and pumpkins. The elementary’s theme was Easter. Teachers disguised themselves as elders according to their theme: Grandparents’ Day.
Friday was Blue & White Day. Everyone dressed in school colors. Some got sparkling blue shoes, fake blue hair, self-made NC Homecoming shirts, morph suits, and previous NC cheerleader outfits.
12036552_1153197784709083_7266804620104024578_nOn Friday afternoon, the Student Council held a pep rally featuring “The Newlywed Game” with pairs from each fall sports team. The pep rally ended with a giant dodge ball match in the gym.
Friday night, the NC football team played the Nebraska Lutheran Knights, defeating them 46-16. The seniors cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the fans at the game. Returning students hung out with old friends catching up on their recent lives, and all alumni were recognized at halftime. Following the game, the seniors went on the trailer, and Mr. Cumpston announced every senior’s name and their parents’ names. This seemed like a pre-graduation, and next time when the seniors are all standing on the stage, it will be their farewell to Nebraska Christian. We pray to the Lord that He will protect them as they go through their last year at NC.VFB HOMECOMING vs NE Lutheran (11 of 48)

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