Teacher Feature: Chris Broman

10644804_601826026596494_1685608681118423590_nChris Broman, wife of Kevin Broman and loving momma to three kids, Hailee (11th), Alyssa, (7th) and Conner (6th) has recently joined the Nebraska Christian kitchen staff. She is both excited and prepared to serve God through her culinary knowledge. As the year progresses, she is looking forward to getting to know the new and international students, working with believers, dwelling in the encouraging environment, and simply doing what she loves: serving.

Before she came to NC, Chris was a bookkeeper for a local irrigation business. In her previous job, she worked at a desk most of the time and never really got to do what she loved. So, she is embracing the opportunity to utilize her gifts in this area.

Chris grew up as a church-goer with the simple head knowledge she needed, but no real saving faith. She lived her life thinking she was good enough for Heaven and that was all there was to it. Then, in her early 20’s, she witnessed one of her friends sharing their own faith. This caused Chris to re-think her beliefs, and, at the age of 23, she committed her life to Christ. She has been and entirely different woman ever since.

Having Chris in the kitchen will be a blessing to the staff and students. We will all enjoy seeing her smiles every day as she encourages and positively influences everyone around her. This will be an incredible learning experience for her, and she will be a super addition to the NC team.

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