Teacher Feature: Eric Zanger

IMG_1940Eric Zanger decided to come to NC in May 2015. Mr. Zanger teaches freshman Bible, is co-director of the international program, and is also the assistant coach for the boys’ basketball team. He and his wife Laurie have three kids: Emma, 4 and in NC’s preschool; Will, 3; and Kate, 8 months. One of Mr. Zanger’s main focuses for the year is seeing international students and American students come together in more intentional ways. He says, “Personally, my family and I will try to have every student over for dinner, and I will be praying for each student.” When asked about the school, Mr. Zanger said, “I love it here. It is a joy to be back in a classroom opening up the Scripture as well as being a part of the international program. I really like the family feel here, as well.”

Before Mr. Zanger came to NC, he taught Bible in Korea at a high school. He then went to the Omaha area to teach Bible in a high school. After this, Mr. Zanger was a corporate trainer at a credit union in Omaha, and then he came to NC to teach, coach, and be co-director of the international program. Mr. Zanger says, “Echoing James 4:13-15, ‘if the Lord wills,’ I’d like to be here as long as possible.” 

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