Teacher Feature: Rachel Hicks

FB_IMG_1441682322994One of high school’s purposes is preparing students for college, and English is one of the most important courses that every student has to take in preparation for both college and life. Many of NC’s international students also must take ESL classes. Being an English teacher and ESL teacher takes solid knowledge and hard work. Fortunately, Nebraska Christian hired Rachel Hicks, who had taught 5-8th grade Language Arts for six years at Wilcox-Hildreth School, as its new English I, III, IV, and ESL I teacher this fall.

Miss Hicks graduated from Crown College, a Christian and Missionary Alliance school in Minnesota. She earned a Bible certificate, a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary English, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Miss Hicks became a Christian when she was 3 ½ because she knew that she couldn’t live a pure life without Christ’s help and forgiveness. As time passed, she realized that asking forgiveness was not enough for having a pure life. Being a Christian, she was responsible to work for and glorify God by submitting to the Holy Spirit’s prodding. She said, “That’s an on-going task. As soon as I feel I’ve gotten rid of one sinful habit, the Holy Spirit brings another one (or thousand) to light.” Her favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. She understands that relying on herself is completely wrong because only God doesn’t make mistakes. The perspective of God is true, and God has a perfect plan for each person.

Feeling welcomed and loved by the students at NC, Miss Hicks also mentioned that she loved the culture of prayer, outreach, and community in the school. In addition, she is looking forward to teaching her students some new things and helping them review things that they already know. She also is looking forward to experiencing high school life again, as she has been teaching on the middle school level for several years and missed out on high school activities and events. Most of all, she values the opportunity to pray for and with her students, partnering with the students in their walks with Christ.

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