The “New” Boys’ Dorm

While all the students were having fun during their summer vacation, many staff members were hard at work making changes to the boys’ dorm. Tim & Rachel Jewell, the NC boys’ dorm parents since 2013, always make some changes at the dorm during the summer; this year’s changes are much bigger than normal and required the help of many people. “It took us about six weeks to get all the things done in the dorm,” said Rachel Jewell.


Senior George Nguyen cooks in the remodeled kitchen

A former room in the dorm has now been converted into a new laundry room, and the computer lab has become a game room. The kitchen was remodeled, the restroom was painted, and new desks, chairs, cookers, and a dishwasher were added. Also, the boys’ dorm is all covered with Wi-Fi now.

“The changes make the environment of the dorm better, and I like the changes in the dorm, especially the kitchen. The cookers we got are much better than the old ones,” said Richard Zhao, a sophomore in his second year at NC. “The new stuff in the dorm, such as the laundry room, just makes dorm life much easier,” said Tommy Flynn, a junior.

The nice changes all required selfless efforts of many people. Everyone in the dorm is grateful to the school for all the new additions to the dorm.

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