Eleven Students Selected to UNK Honor Choirs


Row 1: Danae Burdett, Wendy Bornmann, Desiree Lutes, Marilla Flynn, Gladys Choi. Row 2: Makenna Loy, Andrew Feely, Cameron Langemeier, Logan Faeh, Matt Myers, Juan Lasso.

Eleven Nebraska Christian students were selected to one of three choirs at the annual UNK Honor Band & Choral Clinic. They participated in an all-day workshop on January 25, which culminated in an evening concert. There were three different choirs, which were the women’s choir, festival choir, and honor choir. Danae Burdett was selected to be in the women’s choir; Wendy Bornmann and Desiree Lutes were selected to be in the festival choir. Marilla Flynn, Gladys Choi, Makenna Loy, Andrew Feely, Cameron Langemeier, Logan Faeh, Matt Myers, and Juan Lasso were in the honor choir.

Jing Ling-Tam, who is a Professor of Vocal Studies and a graduate of the University of Texas, was the director for the honor choir. They sang the song “Magnificent Horses,” which was composed by the director. They also sang “The Storm is Passing Over,” an American African gospel song, and “Laudatte Dominum.”

“Jing Ling-Tam made it fun,” said Logan Faeh, a senior. “It was a fun experience in which I learned even more about music. It’s a good opportunity to become better and have fun in music,” said Matthew Myers, a senior.

We appreciate the opportunities that UNK offered to our students and the special experience these NC students had to work with an excellent director.

Top photo: Marilla Flynn (second from left) sings with the UNK Honor Choir. (Photo by William Feely)

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