Elementary to Present “Ocean Commotion”

On Friday, March 4, at 7 p.m. at the Central City PAC Center, the annual elementary musical will be performed. This year’s play is called Ocean Commotion, which uses the stories of Noah and the Wise Man who built his house upon a rock to teach Biblical truth.

The cast consists of: Patch – Tyler Cumpston; Bootstrap Ben – Chantz Stuhmer; Alberta – Molly Griess; Sissy – Teagan Stuhmer; Pistol – Conner Broman; Precious – Marlie Mundt; Wise Guy – Ethan Merchant; Pearl – Sarah Lasso; Scarlett Macaw – Riley Schreiber; Crimson Macaw – Daniel Musgrave; Wise Man – Aidan Feely; Ruby – Marisa Fetterley; Whinny – Sidney McHargue; Mother of Pearl – Shelby McHargue; Shelly – Amy Springer; Rocky – Gabe Langemeier; Arnold – Zach Egeland; and Frank – Malachi Zaruba. The point of the play is to teach us through drama and song about God’s faithfulness in stormy times and how we need to build our house and life on the rock of Jesus Christ.

Come down and watch the cast perform at the PAC in Central City on Friday, March 4, at 7 p.m.

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