Students Visit Truckin’ Through Nebraska Museum

Students love going on field trips, and on September 19, Nebraska Christian’s elementary students got to experience a unique field trip. They went to a museum, but they did not just go to any normal museum, this one was mobile. The elementary students on September 19 went to Central City for an exciting museum, Truckin’ Through Nebraska.

Truckin’ Through Nebraska is fun, kid-oriented museum, created to help kids learn more about their Nebraska home. The museum stopped in 42 Nebraska communities from April to October, including Central City.

It was a fun and hands-on learning experience for the young students of NC. The students enjoyed the interactive displays. They especially enjoyed a quiz on fun facts about Nebraska and corn trivia. Other activities included postcard making, building a structure and seeing if it would last Nebraska weather, races, and competitions. Each display and activity helped students learn more about their home state. They had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the same time. Truckin’ Through Nebraska was also at the state fair, but the kids enjoyed it more during their hometown visit. There were fewer children, and they were able to do any activity they wanted to and could learn better. The mobile museum was a great idea; instead of having to travel to another town many miles away, the children could learn right in their hometown.

“You learn a lot about Nebraska that you wouldn’t know otherwise,” Micah Perdew (6th) said. He enjoyed the trivia games as well as all the fun facts at Truckin’ Through Nebraska.

Isabelle Brumbaugh (5th) said, “You should come because it is educating, fun and you could learn new things that you may have never learned before.”

Needless to say, the field trip to Truckin’ Through Nebraska was a time where the kids learned about their state and had fun–they would probably want to go again if given the chance.

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