Catching Up with the Laser Production Class

Six years ago, Mr. David Gee, the current industrial technology teacher at Nebraska Christian, began a class called Laser Production. Starting with a handful of students and a single (now outdated) laser engraver, Gee began the class with high aspirations. The class now has two laser engravers and an online store that sells many different items created by the group. They not only sell creations such as plaques, coasters, and wall decorations, but they also create items for the school’s use. This includes making wooden medals for the Renewed Strength 5k, award plaques for the annual Hall of Faith presentation, and souvenirs for visiting families. This allows the school to be promoted while also giving an opportunity to thank benefactors. Additionally, the class has made special-order coasters for Preferred Popcorn and partnered with the Computer Aided Drafting class to produce signs for Merrick County. The class is currently working with Timberlake Ranch Camps to make a variety of signs and nameplates. 

Senior Richard Zhao works on a clock the class is designing for the Industrial Technology classroom. One of the two laser engravers can be seen in the background.

The students make a point to have the majority of their projects be Christ-focused, making wall hangings of Bible verses such as Joshua 24:15. Gee reports the mindset of the class: “[In] everything we do we try to honor the Lord as much as possible.” The students are blessed with a variety of talents and that they employ to honor God. Gee believes that the class encompasses many different areas of expertise including financial management, artistic design, and woodworking. In the future, Gee hopes to involve other classes, such as accounting and art, with the process. He envisions accounting students providing a working budget and art students designing different projects.

According to senior Spencer Williams, the most challenging aspect of the class is “coming up with awesome things to make.” The class is continuing to work hard to brainstorm new ideas for high-quality merchandise.

If you are looking for affordable, creative wooden wall decorations, wooden cutting boards, or other engraved items, you can purchase items directly from the website store or bid on items at the Dinner & Benefit Auction in March. The class can also work with you on a custom order–simply fill out the contact form in the shop, and Gee will get back with you to design your project.

Top photo: The laser production class has been working to create items for the online store. A few are pictured above; they can all be viewed here.

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