Greg Gilbert Speaks at Spiritual Emphasis Day

On Friday, October 20th, the Nebraska Christian’s junior and senior high students piled into buses and headed to Heartland Evangelical Free Church in Central City. They weren’t going on a field trip, as some may assume, but rather they were going to Spiritual Emphasis Day.

Every fall, Nebraska Christian’s students and teachers go to Spiritual Emphasis Day to get refreshed and learn more about Jesus. This year, the speaker was Greg Gilbert, senior pastor of Third Avenue Baptist in Louisville, Kentucky. He was a great speaker and story teller. He explained Jesus to the students in a way many of them had not heard before. One thing he explained was that the genealogy of Jesus was more than the parents and great-grandparents of Jesus. It was the author declaring Jesus as king at the beginning of his book. “I thought the number 14 and how it connected back to Jesus being a king was interesting,” Olivia Nyberg (10th) declared. The number 14 is King David’s name number. When the author wrote Matthew, he put them in groups of fourteen. Each time he did that, he was declaring Jesus the king of Israel.

Greg Gilbert speaks to the students.

Gilbert also explained how horrible sin truly is. It is not just a mistake, but a rebellion against God. He was a powerful speaker and he was understandable for the high schoolers. Cory Ruybalid (10th) said, “I felt like I could really connect to [Gilbert’s] message.”

After the conclusion of the first session, the students went into E-groups. E-groups are encouragement groups, and students stay in the same group throughout the year. Each one is lead by a senior. The groups talked about what Gilbert spoke about, saying what they thought and how it affected them. After their conversation, they pray and then go to another session. Once that session was finished, the E-groups met one more time before piling back into the busses to head back to Nebraska Christian. At the end of the morning, hopefully everyone had something to take away and apply to their lives.

Worship Time at Spiritual Emphasis Day

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