Elementary Students Enjoy State Fair

On August 27th, the Nebraska Christian elementary attended the “World’s Largest Classroom” exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair. The students were not only able to walk around the fair, but they could also experience various activities and exhibits ranging from 4-H displays to a shark show to a sea lion program.

Kaity Berck and Selah Perdew

The entire day consisted of fun filled activities that also were educational for the students. Amy Schreiber, the 4th-6th grade teacher, said, “The state fair is a great way to get the students engaged hands on. It gives them a little bit of freedom to be able to experience the exhibits that they might not get to see when just walking around with their families.” Schreiber added, “It provides a day of student focused learning, which the kids really enjoy. It’s also neat to see all of the other schools that attend.”

Not only did the students enjoy the fun involved with the fair, but it was also a great opportunity for them to get to know their classmates and teachers better. Grayce Gustafson (6) said, “My favorite part of the State Fair was the 4-H building. I really enjoyed getting to see all of the different clothes people had made and the different displays.”

Overall, this was a day designed for the elementary to experience a type of learning different from their daily classroom routine, and the students embraced the opportunity.

Top Photo: Macyn Gustafson, Lily Francl, & Lucy Perry

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