Balancing your ability to send your child with the actual cost of education

A Nebraska Christian education is a financial and spiritual investment in your child’s future.

Our goal is to keep tuition affordable for the average family. The 2020-21 per-pupil cost of education in Nebraska was $15,550.26. While our average per pupil cost is around $10,000, other schools across our state and in our conference with similar enrollment sizes have per pupil costs well over $20,000 and some have broached $30,000. Two large variables that make this possible include: 1) Faculty & Staff contribute by accepting wages and benefits below the market in order to serve your child at Nebraska Christian and 2) Generous Donors provide gift income that funds an Opportunity Grant to provide a more affordable tuition rate well below the actual cost of education. This grant is available for each dependent K-12 student of a Nebraska family.

Because tuition costs are significantly lower than the actual cost of education, all families receive financial aid through the already lowered tuition costs. However, in addition to the Opportunity Grant, there is a limited amount of additional financial aid available for families whose financial situation makes it difficult to pay the tuition we do charge. This additional financial aid may be applied for after a student is admitted.  (Apply now here.)

We desire a joint venture in faith with families who desire to partner with NC to equip their child with a Biblical  Worldview that empowers them to stand on Truth. We have been blessed to be able to say that we don’t turn families away due to lack of finances. Together, we can find a way.

* Average cost of education from

Multiple Child Discount

We know that tuition costs can rapidly add up for families who wish to enroll multiple children at Nebraska Christian. For this reason, we have a multiple-child tuition discount that applies to all families with at least two children enrolled full-time in grades K-12 at NCS. These automatic discounts are 10% for the second oldest child, 30% for the third oldest child, 50% for the fourth oldest child, 70% for the fifth oldest child, and 90% for the sixth oldest child from the same family.

No Hidden Fees!

Because we realize that Christian education is a major investment for a family, we are completely transparent with our tuition and fees.

We have a flat rate tuition that includes all book and activity fees. The only additional fees are a yearly registration fee of $75, a graduation fee (seniors only), individual field trip fees, and fees for optional services like dorms, lunch, and busing.

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