American Tuition & Fees

2021-22 Tuition & Fees for American Students


$75 non-refundable fee for all first-time K-12 students
$50 non-refundable fee for all first-time preschool students


$75 non-refundable fee for returning students who re-enroll on or before March 15
$200 non-refundable fee for returning students who re-enroll after March 15


Senior High: $6,950
Junior High: $6,550
Elementary: $4,850
Kindergarten: $3,950
Preschool: multiple options available, view here.

(The average cost to educate a child in the state of Nebraska is $12,600. The cost of educating a student in a school near our size is often over $20,000 per student.)

A multiple child discount of 10% applies for the second oldest child, 30% for the third oldest child, 50% for the fourth oldest child, 70% for the fifth oldest child, and 90% for the sixth oldest child from the same family. Discounts apply only to tuition and are for full time students in grades K-12.

We strive to keep a Nebraska Christian education affordable for families. Click here to learn more.

Bus Fees

Grand Island or Columbus to Central City

1st Child: $650
2nd Child: $475
3rd Child: $275
Additional: No Fee

Dorm and Lunch Fees

School Days Lodging and Meals (grades 9-12 only): $3750

Noon Lunches (every day school is in session):

K: $275
1-6: $375
7-12: $450

Noon Lunches (per day):

K-6: $3.15
7-12: $3.75


Graduation Fee

$80 (required of graduating seniors)

Financial Policy Statements

Payment Schedules

All tuition and fees are due and payable in July. We utilize FACTS Tuition Management to allow families to defer payments of tuition and fees as follows:

      1. Biannually (2 payments)
      2. Quarterly (4 payments)
      3. Monthly (12 payments)

Refund Schedule

Since all accounts with the school are due and payable on July 1st, the following refunds will be made to students who withdraw.

Tuition, Bus, Dorm and Lunch Fees

100% for academic quarters which have not started

50% for an academic quarter in which classes have met for 10 days or less

None for quarters in which classes have met for more than 10 days

Graduation Fee

100% during first semester

None during second semester

Click here for a printable 2021-2022 Tuition & Fees sheet.

Nebraska Christian Schools admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.