Advance Vol. 51-3 (May 2021)

Students Enjoy a Carnival of Fun

To much student delight, NC Activities Director Andy Perdew puckers up to kiss Grant Stuhmer’s (12) pig to end the day.

Digging Deeper 2021 certainly lived up to its name, “A Carnival of Fun.” New Hope Elementary, Sutton Christian, and 93 homeschoolers and their parents came to campus to join NC’s elementary students in the festivities. The day opened with Christian Illusionist Brad Brown using his sleight of hand and tricks to drop jaws while clearly outlining the gospel and Biblical truths. After the show, students gathered inside and out to devour a carnival-style lunch of corn dogs.

Students divided into grade groups for an afternoon of activities. A bounce house and inflatable obstacle course, provided by Connection Church, served as a great place to burn off the corndogs. Outside across from the Ad Building, children mingled with some critters at the petting zoo, complete with pigs, sheep, bunnies, goats, horses, donkey, pony, and Esmerelda, science teacher Mrs. Flynn’s pet snake. The zoo also included horseback rides with help from our excellent wranglers. Travis Purkerson shared his gift of balloon tying. With his guidance, students learned the basics and practiced their new skills to make their own one-of-a-kind balloon creation to take home. Our older students and community volunteers provided carnival games on the practice field and in Music and Worship Room.

As students played games, they earned tickets that could be used to vote for which administrator had to kiss a pig at the closing ceremony in the first-ever Kiss the Pig Contest. The vote was too close to call. Thus a race through the obstacle course was the only way to settle the discrepancy. Mr. Hekrdle bested Mr. Perdew, whose loss meant he must kiss the pig. Being the good sport that he is, Mr. Perdew did just that, to shrieks of delight from the crowd. Fun, fellowship, and participation from our guests created an unforgettable experience for staff and students alike.


Making Music Unto the Lord

By Music Instructor Mike Flynn

We are thankful for the opportunity to sing and make music in person this school year. The last 12 months have taught us all many lessons about “singing and making music to the Lord” Eph 5:19, Ps 27:6, and 98:5.  After the wave of COVID-19 swept through our school last fall, we were able to truly come together with singing and playing for the Lord for the first time.  

Our music students have been busy with that this semester. The elementary students put on the Patch the Pirate musical “Mystery Island” at the Performing Arts Center on March 5th, which received much acclaim from parents and staff. The choir and band performed at the conference music contest at Central Valley School in Greeley on March 31st. Each received superior ratings from the judges, which is always a great accomplishment for our program. The high school choir has just completed two Sundays of ministry with choir tours at New Life Community Church in Grand Island, Primrose Retirement Center, Grand Island Evangelical Free Church, and Victory Baptist Church in Fullerton. 

Having our singing and corporate worship taken away last year made this year even more special. This year’s groups have been quick to adapt and learn their musical skills. God has equipped his children with a heart to praise Him, and this is our goal as we work toward graduation music and next year. I am thankful for all who have chosen to be musicians at NC, from the students who have come early on chapel days to rehearse and lead music during chapel to the students who had never sung in a choir but bravely came and joined us. It is amazing to hear them learn to sing and play together to glorify God. We are all working for that heavenly choir someday. . . What a day that will be! 


NC’s choir composed of 39 members follows Music Instructor Mike Flynn’s direction in competition.


Mr. Flynn directs NC’s 32 member band to a superior rating.

Fame Punpoka (12) is pleased to find the Best of Show ribbon on his perspective drawing at the Conference Art Competition.

Art for All Ages

by Art Instructor Renate Johansen

I have been an art teacher at Nebraska Christian for almost seven years, and this is my second year teaching K-12th grade art at NC. Now that I am teaching all of the grade levels, I am focusing on the elements and principles of art with the kindergarteners on up, to ensure that by the time the young artists are in high school they will have lots of experience putting the elements of art into practice. They do this while using a wide range of art mediums and techniques. When a work of art is complete, I will often upload it to the Artsonia website, where parents, grandparents, and any family member given permission can receive photos via email of their student’s art. Money is earned for the school when items with the child’s art on them (such as a t-shirt or a mug), are purchased on the Artsonia website. Last year I was able to purchase watercolor paints, brushes, and Micron Pens with the money received from Artsonia.

The Jr. High classes have been focusing on art through geography. They have learned cartography and are able to draw a map of the world from memory. The art from different cultures and countries (some that are represented by NC international students) is studied. We will finish up the year learning about art in the U.S.A. and studying American artists such as Norman Rockwell.

In high school, the art students learn to verbalize the elements and principles of design while participating in class critiques. This is good for American and international students alike, as the international artists are able to communicate about themselves through their art, while also practicing their English during the class discussion about their projects. Art class is especially fun because there is a variety of grade levels and abilities represented.

The high school students just competed in the Goldenrod Conference Art Competition, which was held this year at Humphrey St. Francis. Fame Punpoka, a senior from Thailand, received a Best of Show ribbon for his perspective drawing of a street scene. Caden Bokelman received two first-place ribbons and a second place. Cooper Schnell and Du Boxin received second place ribbons for their art, and Sophie Swanson received a third-place ribbon for her watercolor portrait. The judges’ comments and workshops inspired us for next year, to aim for excellence in all we do and to represent Christ well with what we create.


Featured speaker Virgil Walker joined students via Zoom at Spiritual Emphasis Day.

Walker Challenges Students at Spiritual Emphasis Day

By Olivia Janssen, 12 Grade 

Spiritual Emphasis Day is an intentional effort to refocus the mindset of our school as a whole on spiritual aspects. With a chosen speaker, select worship time, and encouragement group meetings, Spiritual Emphasis Day allows us to put aside our regular schedule and dive deeper into God’s Word.

The most recent Spiritual Emphasis Day featured Virgil Walker as our speaker. Although he couldn’t be with us in person, we met with him via Zoom and listened to a couple of his videos. He spoke to major cultural issues such as critical race theory, “racial reconciliation,” and ideas surrounding social justice. With his guidance, we also looked at what the Bible says on these topics and what true justice means.

His message was important for other students and me to hear, because we need to be aware of our culture’s faulty ideas and know how to respond. Our Bible teachers formed a panel for a question and answer time to help us further understand the topics that were focused on. I appreciated what I heard and learned that day, as the information will prepare me for college and beyond. 


Juniors Learn Together and Bond on Junior Trip

by Anh (Andrew) Dinh Sy Nguyen

The entire junior class experienced high-flying fun at iFly on the junior trip.

For the junior trip this year, the juniors went to Kansas City under the direction of Steve James, Marty Griess, and Patsy Egeland. We visited Calvary University in Warrenton, Missouri, and Spurgeon College in Kansas City. It was a great experience for us as juniors who will be considering college soon to visit these campuses. After that, we ate at Oden’s BBQ, which was flavorful and fun.

Two highlights of the trip were Topgolf and iFLY. Most of us have never golfed before, but even with a few missed swings here and there, we all thought that Topgolf was a blast. Perhaps some of us will take up golf someday.  If golfing wasn’t a first for some of my classmates, indoor skydiving at iFLY most certainly was. Partnered with an instructor, we defied gravity indoors! After all that, we went to Country Club Plaza, a shopping strip with unique and historic buildings.

The trip was really enjoyable and a great time to bond with my classmates outside of class.

Join NC’s Foundation in Go Big GIVE 2021!

By the Nebraska Christian Foundation 

Since 1959, Nebraska Christian Schools has worked diligently to build lives for eternity on its beautiful and unique 27-acre campus in Central City, Nebraska. With a large and diverse campus comes the requirement of meeting infrastructural needs as they arise. The Nebraska Christian Schools Foundation, in conjunction with Nebraska Christian Schools, works to address repairs and improvements around our campus. Functionality, sustainability, safety, and creating inviting spaces for our students, staff, and guests are top priorities. Currently, significant repairs and sealing are occurring on the roof of our gymnasium building. Additionally, to meet the fire marshal’s new requirements, we will install a fire suppression system in the gym building. 

We are participating in the seventh annual Go Big GIVE to help raise the funds to complete both projects.  Go Big GIVE inspires communities to come together for 24 hours to financially support the work of nonprofits in Hall, Hamilton, Howard, and Merrick Counties in Nebraska. Thanks to our generous donors, we have substantive matching funds available. Give in the first $30,000, and your donation will triple. After that, the next $50,000 given will receive a 1:1 match – your contribution still doubles! Our goal is $190,000.

At first glance, our goal seems daunting, but God has been faithful to provide for Nebraska Christian Schools throughout our history. His provision hasn’t always been in ways we expected or asked, but He has been glorified through each step. Go Big GIVE 2021 is our next step, and we pray that the Lord will be glorified in it! Over the years, He has continually laid it on so many of your hearts to give generously of your time, finances, and, most importantly, prayers. We thank you for your commitment to responding faithfully. 

If you’re excited, join the ministry of NC through Go Big GIVE as you prayerfully consider donating on Thursday, May 6th, from midnight to midnight or during the Pre-GIVE period, which has begun. Donate here by May 6, or set up a fundraising page today at


My Journey to a Second State Championship

By Carl Mundt (12)

Senior Carl Mundt prepares to go into the ring for his final match.

It felt terrific to win a second state title and to hear from many people who saw it on TV. I got a bit more excited than I usually would. Winning last year was surreal, but this year was some of the most fun I’ve ever had with my coaches at the state tournament. Going through everything one last time, from warmups to getting on weight, are memories I won’t soon forget.

The weight cut was a little more challenging than the previous three years. Jaydon Elge played a considerable part in helping me prepare and was also my warmup partner at state. The sacrifices that I had to make were hard, but it was worth it in the end. Going to practice on an empty tank and having Coach Elge, Coach Scott, and Elijah Green encourage you and push you prepares you for Saturdays.

After winning a second title, I had an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that all the hard work and discipline paid off a second time. It was fun to look back over my wrestling career from my first season in 3rd grade when I only won one match to where I finished my high school career as a 2-time state champion. All it took was hard work and discipline day in and day out.

Grandparents’ Day

NC’s science teacher Dee Flynn takes a break from teaching to enjoy Grandparent’s Day with two of her grandchildren, Ellisyn Flynn (3) and Makalister (2).

By Stephani Francl

On Monday, April 26, NC’s elementary students welcomed 165 guests to their classrooms. Grandparents from near and far came to experience a taste of NC life with their grandchildren.  

The afternoon event featured student performances of music and Scripture memorization followed by classroom time shared between grandparents and grandkids. They also completed special crosswords and puzzles that made the day memorable. An informal straw poll of elementary students showed that, “Ice cream sundaes with our grandparents!” was the favorite experience of the day.  

Janice Stuhmer, having recently retired from teaching at NC, now gets to enjoy the event from a grandmother’s perspective. She spent the afternoon with her 2nd-grade grandson, Stetson Stuhmer, and said “It’s amazing how much it means to the grandchildren to have a grammy attend school with them! I love being a part of making special memories and bonds!”

Thanks to all the grandparents who were able to attend.  The elementary students are already looking forward to having their grandparents come back next year.

Dollars and Sense

By Tom Dockweiler

The history of Nebraska Christian Schools is a history of God’s faithfulness. Whether or not you have the opportunity to watch our 62nd graduating class cross the stage a few days from now, would you please take a moment to thank our God for his provision that has made that moment possible.

It is still too early to tell for sure, but, when we finish the fiscal year on June 30, there is a decent chance that we will do so in the black. I would love to credit the great planning and financial management skills exhibited by myself and the rest of our school leadership, but that would be laughable. We make a budget, we do some planning, and we try to manage the finances and other aspects of the school to the best of our ability. However, more often than not, we are reduced to writing down what happened and asking each other, “What did God just do, and how did He manage to do that?”

We are looking ahead to next year, and once again budgeting and planning. Things have settled down some compared to this time last year, so we feel a bit more confidence in our planning. I can almost guarantee, however, that, when our 63rd graduating class crosses the stage next May, I will be forced to admit again that God did that and only God knows how.

Thanks for the part you play in what God has done and is going to do through Nebraska Christian Schools. Keep praying for us. Until next time, may God bless you and yours.

The Numbers are In – Benefit Auction 2021

By Kristy Langemeier 

We are pleased to report that God has poured out His blessing on NC once again by moving in the hearts of many very generous donors to give to the Nebraska Christian Benefit Auction.  Preliminary figures are showing that this year’s auction netted around $240,000! Over 500 items up for bid from more than 300 donors and our many volunteers, contributed to the success of this event. 

In December of 2020, the school decided to change our traditional auction plan due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We switched our auction to an online event mixed with two unique open house events. Our auction software provided excellent support to our planning team, and the online bidding was well received by our supporters. 

We started with twenty-five items to be offered for sale on our Live Auction; however, due to the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted slightly, we added a Lincoln Saltdogs Package donated by Cornerstone Bank at the last minute. Items that sparked aggressive bidding were the 10KW Ground Mount Solar Array System donated by Interconnection Systems of Central City, the Franchi Affinity 3.5 12 Gauge Shotgun donated by Citizen’s Bank & Trust of Central City, and the Sedona Sanctuary donated by John and Cindy Schofield of Stromsburg.

Donors enthusiastically gave to the Scholarship Auction with a result like never before.  NC has a $100,000 line item in the budget for student scholarships each year.  Before the event, NC had been blessed with $123,000 just in response to the mailings and the overwhelming support of a new tiered Corporate Level Sponsorship created this year.  We are pleased and humbled to report that our final scholarship numbers have totaled an amazing amount of $140,600! All these funds will provide a Christian education for students who might not otherwise have the financial means to attend NC.

We were so blessed by the community, alumni, and other NC supporters who jumped online and/or came to the open house events.  Friday night’s “Casual Open House” allowed people to shop the items and visit with other NC supporters.  Saturday’s “Special Open House” was a fun-filled evening bringing students, alumni, and NC supporters together to celebrate the school and fellowship with one another once again.  The Saturday evening event included student performances, an alumni performance by Katherine Welk, delectable hors d’oeuvres, wonderful conversation, and a very special “Hall of Faith Award” presentation to Gib Killion for his faithful commitment to the school.  

We are grateful to all who could donate an item, talent, or treasure to make this event successful. The total profit made for the school through the benefit auction in the last 19 years has now passed $2.9 million.  Please join us in thanking God once again for his amazing provision!

Memorial Gifts

For: Dorothy Ritta
From: Dorothy Glad
           Robert & Barbara McGrew
           Norm & Sue Krug
For: Dennis Eckstrom
From: Mary Reisinger
For: Larry Schreiber
From: Norm & Sue Krug
For: Barbara Ogden
From: Donald & Kayleen Riley
For: Herb Stone
From: Donald & Kayleen Riley