Donate Now

There are a number of ways you can give to NC.  Please select from the options below:

Preservation Projects

Do you want to help us preserve the Administration Building and Gym Building? The primary focus of the Ad Building & Gym Building Preservation Projects is to address the most urgent, external needs of the buildings. The total budget is $600,000, and the $475,000 already raised will allow us to address the Ad Building’s needs. We are now seeking an additional $125,000 to preserve our current gym building.

Phase 2 of “The Next 50 Years” Capital Campaign

Are you passionate about seeing our facilities brought to the next level? The existing dining, gym, and music facilities are limiting our students’ academic schedules, our athletes’ practice time, and our musicians’ musical instruction and practice time. Phase 2 of “The Next 50 Years” Capital Campaign will provide the additional space we need because our expanding programming has outgrown the existing facility’s capacity.

REMEMBER Regular Monthly Gift

Do you want to give regularly to NCS, but have trouble remembering to do so? Then join our REMEMBER team of regular monthly givers! These regular givers are the backbone of NCS as we can plan and depend on their gifts each and every month. Gifts can be mailed in monthly, or you can set up a direct withdrawal from your bank account so that you never forget to give. Gifts of any amount ($5, $10, $25, $100+) are welcome and greatly appreciated.

One-time Gift of Funds

Do you want to give but are unable to commit to regular monthly giving? Then consider giving a one-time gift of funds to help us with our current budgetary needs.


Endowment Gift

Have you considered leaving a large gift of money to benefit the school over the long-term? Endowment gifts, handled through the Nebraska Christian Schools Foundation, help provide a financial base so that the work of NC will continue for generations to come.

One-time Gift of Commodities

Did you know that you can gain major tax advantages by giving NC a gift of grain, livestock, or other commodities? To find out what your tax advantages may be, please talk to your tax adviser. Commodities gifted to NC are then sold and all the proceeds benefit the school.