Gym Building Preservation Project

Gym Building Preservation Project - $125,000

In October 2019, the NCS Foundation announced that preservation project efforts would be shifting from the Ad Building to the Gym Building. The Gym Building Preservation Project had a budget of $125,000 and focused on the interior and exterior needs of the current gym building. As of September 2020, more than $140,000 had been raised for the project!

Considerable work took place during the summer of 2020. Within the gym itself, new lighting, air conditioning, paint, sound system, ceiling grid, and acoustic tiles have provided a much needed facelift to this important, public-facing space. New bleachers were installed in early October.

Beyond the gym walls, two offices (formerly Rooms 1 and 2) were combined to create a new preschool room in the west hallway of the gym building. The departure of the preschool from the elementary building has allowed for much needed space to accommodate our growing elementary population. The west hallway received a new floor, and both the west and east hallways acquired fresh paint, lighting, and ceiling tiles. These upgrades and enhancements truly create a clean, modern, usable environment that will benefit and bless Nebraska Christian’s students, faculty, and guests.