Phase 2

Phase 2: New Kitchen, Commons Area, Gymnasium - $6 Million

Facilities are the framework within which education occurs. We need more framework.

The existing dining, gym, and music facilities are limiting our students’ academic schedules, our athletes’ practice time, and our musicians’ musical instruction and practice time. Phase 2 will provide the additional space we need, because our expanding programming has outgrown the existing facility’s capacity.

Phase 2 of The Next 50 Years Capital Campaign addresses these needs in two sections: Phase 2A and Phase 2B.

Phase 2A ($1.9 million) addresses the needs of having a state of the art kitchen, dining hall, and ADA restrooms. As of September 2020, $456,910 has been given towards this project.

Phase 2B ($4.1 million) includes a collegiate-sized 94′ competition gymnasium & activity center with seating for over 900, concession stand for activities & fundraising, boys & girls locker rooms, athletic training room & uniform storage, athletic storage space, fine arts/programming storage, entrance & commons area, and an expanded parking lot with convenient drop off and pick up.


Why This Project Is Vital

Phase 2 addresses an area of campus that impacts all of our staff and students on a daily basis.

The Kitchen and Dining Hall

The existing dining facility’s small size means that students eat at one of three staggered lunch periods, which complicates schedules and class selections. Additionally, the kitchen and servery built in the 1960’s cannot efficiently serve our current student body. Upgrading the kitchen and dining would allow for lunch periods that easily fit students’ schedules and would equip kitchen staff for more efficient meal preparation, serving, and cleanup.

Our kitchen and dining hall are used not only for lunch periods during school hours, but also for all other meals, 7 days a week for our dorm students and staff.  The NC kitchen is the heart of campus, always working behind the scenes to keep our students, staff, and guests fueled for the day.

The Music Room

Our music room serves not only as a band, choir, and music classroom, but also as the venue for our weekly chapels, the hospitality room for major school events, and the reception area for guest events. The high demand for this room often results in tight turn arounds and little time for students to practice on their own.

We are developing renovation plans for the existing dining and kitchen areas (which will be vacated as soon as Phase 2A is completed) to make music practice rooms and other versatile space. These new areas will enhance our fine arts education and provide students and guests with additional space.

The Gymnasium

No other space on campus undergoes as many transformations or sees as many people pass through its doors as the gymnasium. During the day students may use it for physical education, music, chapel, or recess. In the evening teams practice, dorm students have open gym, student musicians are showcased at concerts, athletes compete against other teams, special events are hosted, and community members and visitors share in the activities of the school.

Even in the summer the gymnasium sees no rest. Summer athletic camps, open gym, academic summer camps, and class reunions keep the venue booked. The addition of a second gym will impact every student and staff member at NC.

Our gymnasium building includes not only the gym, but also restrooms, the music room, kitchen, and cafeteria. These rooms are the first and often the only rooms guests to campus see when they come for competitions, activities, or special events. Providing a comfortable, functional, welcoming facility that meets the needs of our students and guests is the primary purpose of Phase 2.


Plans for Phase 2

Work has begun on Phase 2A! The restrooms and entryway have been completed, and work on the rest of 2A will continue as funds are received.


Give to Phase 2A

To give toward Phase 2A, please send your check made out to NCS Foundation to the following address:

NCS Foundation, Phase 2A
PO Box 222
Central City, NE 68826

If you would prefer to give online, you can do so here.