Advance Vol. 51-8 (October 2021)

Racecars Drive Student Learning

NC’s seventh grade shop students have been having a great time learning about aerodynamics and speed by designing, constructing, and racing C02 Metric 500 race cars.  The project is similar in nature to building a classic pinewood derby car, but with the additional thrill of a C02 cartridge that serves as the “engine.” 

First, the students drew concept sketches of the cars they wanted to build. From the concept sketches they developed working drawings which they used to produce a prototype.  The students cut the prototypes for their cars out of Styrofoam and made adjustments until it was to their liking.  Finally, based on the prototype, the students cut the final project car out of wood.  

Once cut out, the students had to sand their cars to a smooth finish and prepare them for painting.  Mr. Wamberg said, “Painting is where I felt this class had the most fun.” Finally, tires and eye bolts were put on each car in preparation for race day.  

The west hallway of the gym building was the designated “racetrack” and the kindergarten students lined the walls to watch. The seventh graders prepared their cars to race, counted down, and let them fly. “The race cars were really cool!” kindergartener Spencer Francl exclaimed. The cars flashed down the hallway, some of the lighter ones going as much as 30 to 40 miles per hour. With the race completed, students all agree that this project is a great way to learn so many things.

Class members include: Abby Berck, Addie Edson, Alexis Perry, Ben Garcia, David Chiles, Haddie Rankin, Kadeya Sanborn, Kayleigh Eckhardt, Luke Powell, Matthew Needham, Micaiah Wheeler, Natanael McKinney, Quentin Herman, and Titus Birnie.

Growing Pains and Trusting God’s Provision

As we near the end of the 1st quarter in my 4th year here at Nebraska Christian, I am filled with a spirit of gratitude. I often get a front row seat to see God working in the lives of NC students. Some are surrendering to Christ for the first time in their lives; others are experiencing radically renewed relationships with their Savior; and many are continuing to learn and grow each day. Such opportunities for students to grow academically and spiritually in the same place are becoming harder and harder to find. Consequently, the school is seeing a strong need to grow. Each of the last two years we have added a new classroom to our elementary while our secondary numbers are holding steady.

This year, for the first time that I know of in the school’s history, we had to turn students away.  We simply did not have the classroom space to accommodate everyone who wanted to come, so we started a prospective student waitlist for our upper elementary. It was difficult to tell families that they had to wait until we had more room to partner with them in teaching their children. 

To address this growing demand, we have identified a pathway to gain more elementary classroom space:

Step 1 Build a new kitchen and cafeteria. This, you will recognize, is Phase 2A of The Next 50 Years Capital Campaign you’ve been seeing and hearing about over the last couple of years.

Step 2 Repurpose the space in the existing cafeteria, right next to the gym, to house the wrestling and weight rooms that are currently in the east end of our elementary building. 

Step 3 Renovate the east end of the elementary building to provide more classroom space and improve traffic flow. 

Identifying the steps is easy, but carrying them out is much more difficult, particularly in the face of increasing expenses, a national labor shortage, and a budget entirely dependent upon the Lord’s provision. But therein lies the hope. He is sending us students who are eager to learn academically and grow spiritually. We cannot be sure He will provide in the ways we think are best, but we can rest in His plan as we earnestly seek his direction and rely on His provision.  

Will you join us in doing so? Pray that as decisions are made at NC they will honor the Lord. Pray that He will provide for the work He has for NC to do. Pray that students and staff alike will grow in their relationships with Him. And pray that the Lord will provide classroom space at NC for the students who are on the waitlist. May each decision we make be glorifying to Him.

Fall Eagles Sports Teams

NC’s fall sports teams are about halfway through their seasons, and they are gearing up for conference and district tournaments. As they continue to compete with excellence, we pray that they finish each season strong and glorify the Lord in their conduct.  GO EAGLES!

The girls cross country team includes: Amanda Carlson, Marlie Mundt, Grace Musgrave, Rachel Rathjan, and Hannah Swanson. The boys cross country team includes: Du Boxin, Tug Burdett, Ethan Carlson, Charlie Chang, Noah Fischer, Isaac Herman, Kaler Johansen, Yufan Ma, Ethan Merchant, Truitt Merchant, Wuttichart Panysakorn, Riley Schreiber, Chantz Stuhmer, Kenan Wasomi, Malachi Zaruba, and Max.

NC’s football team includes: Zach Egeland, Dayton Falk, Isaac Halbgewachs, Kaleb Morton, Andrew Nguyen, Peter Paul, Nehemiah Peters, Micah Davis, Gabe Langemeier, Owen Morris, Drew Perdew, Terry Sebek, Will Twogood, Malachi Wheeler, Drew Bailey, Josh Brock, Gavin Falk, Justin Maberry, Micah Perdew, Isaiah Davis, Josiah Davis, Brodey Flynn, Jonah Green, Oliver Herman, Vendell Juzyk, and Zander Merchant. Student managers are Cal Seip, David Chiles, Quentin Herman, and Luke Powell. Josh Green is the videographer.

1st row L/R – Maryah Wheeler, Liliana Macken, Ah-Rim Lee, Abby Young, Juile Sidak, Claire Pipher, Graci Boersen 2nd row L/R – Hope Seip, Sophie Swanson, Reghan Flynn, Kaylee Powell, Ali Bruning, Isabelle Brumbaugh, Amanda Needham, Kylie Merchant 3rd row L/R – Catlin Chiles, Tammy Poongkumarn, Tina Wang, Molly Griess, Olivia Macken, Shelby McHargue, Tab Seip, Sidney McHargue

Book Club Builds Reading at NC

Reading is a natural part of education at any school, but NC’s Media Specialist, Liz Gamblin, had a vision to help kids enjoy reading outside of school assignments. The idea took shape last year in the form of a book club.  “I knew there were students at NC that loved reading as much as I did, and I wanted to create a space to meet together to discuss what we were reading.”

Most book clubs and classroom literature discussions are structured around everyone reading the same book and then discussing it. Liz struggled with this traditional model of picking a book, because how could she pick one that everyone would want to read? Then one day Liz had an idea: “I realized that if we did genres each month [rather than a specific book] not only would that solve my dilemma, but it would actually enhance our discussions.” Liz selects a genre for the month and each book club member reads a book from that genre. If students are struggling to find a book to read, Liz helps match them with a book that they’ll enjoy.  

Each month students bring their different books and the things they enjoyed about them to the group for a discussion about the genre generally and also about their books specifically. Eighth grader Sophie Etherton really likes the unique approach. She explains, “The book club enhances my reading because it pushes me to read different genres that I would not normally read, such as nonfiction and Christian living.”  Many leave the discussions with new book recommendations and a desire to continue reading within new genres.

Book club members have joined the group for a variety of reasons.  Some because they love to read already, like Sophie, who explains, “I chose to join the book club because I really love reading, and I thought it would be a nice experience.”  Others join to build new habits, like junior  Rachel Rathjen.  She said, “I chose to be in the book club because I wanted to read more books and be more consistent with reading.  I enjoy reading, but I never do it, so this will help motivate me to read more.” Whatever their reason for joining, members are learning together by enjoying books.

Exploring Careers in Construction

Students begin to work on residential wiring at electrical stations.

Eight students attended Southeast Community College’s Careers in Construction Day at their Milford campus.  The event hosted approximately 300 students from area high schools.  Students were assigned to small groups, and each group visited three career pathways to take part in hands-on activities.  Most of the NC students experienced land surveying, electrical, and automotive.

The many hands-on activities made this an excellent experience for the NC students who attended.  Each station was manned by SCC teachers and current students in that career path. Attendees could ask questions from individuals knowledgeable to each field.

School counselor Shilo Birnie attended as well. “I enjoyed seeing our students participate in each session,” she said. “Not every student had an interest in the particular careers we visited, but on the whole, they said they enjoyed the day and got something out of it.”

Come see who’s at the game, get some NC freebies, order your new NC swag, and support our Eagles all from the alumni tent. We can’t wait to see you there!

Unfortunately, NC’s annual Festival of Lessons and Carols Christmas Concert has been postponed from December 2021 to December 2022. Please watch next year for details about how you can be a part of this incredible event!

NC Welcomes New Staff Member

Cindy Melvin, NC Cook

Cindy not only loves cooking, but she also loves working (and taking selfies!) with her horses.

Visitors to the NC cafeteria have been seeing a new smiling face this fall – Cindy Melvin joined the team of kitchen staff that keeps the campus fed. Her experience includes working in other school kitchens, and most recently working in the gardens at Raising Nebraska, a Nebraska Extension program where they use a huge garden to teach about nutrition and agriculture in the state. 

Cindy learned about the job opening from NC’s head cook, Deb Lovejoy, while they were talking at church one day. The job appealed to Cindy because it was familiar territory. “I like the hours and the kids,” she explained. “And since I’ve done it before, the learning curve wasn’t so bad.”  In comparison to other kitchens she’s worked in, Cindy is enjoying her NC experience in large part because of shared Christian values. “It helps us get along that we see things from the same point of view,” she said.

Now that school is well underway and Cindy has settled into her position, she is enjoying the school atmosphere.  “I love the kids and watching sports and knowing who is competing from our church and Awana. The kids make it exciting, especially seeing how God can use them in all different areas.” 

Cindy and her husband Steve have lived in various towns across southern Nebraska, and are currently settled just outside of Central City. They have four grown children and enjoy spending time with their 2 grandsons.

Alumni Flashback

We all get to enjoy pictures because someone stood behind a camera (or a phone or another device!) and captured the moment. Often the ones behind the camera prefer to stay there and not be on the other side of the lens.  But here are some flashbacks to individuals and yearbook members who captured moments so we can share memories.

If you recognize any of the unidentified individuals in the pictures below, email us at so we can update the captions.

Intent on his subject, this photographer keeps his identity hidden.

Known to most of her students simply as “Miss L.,” Sharon (Lipke) Ross served as the yearbook sponsor for a number of years. She also taught home economics, junior high science, and other classes.

This student settled a video camera on his shoulder to capture the moment.

“Miss Becky” spent a number of years during her tenure as NC’s yearbook sponsor. An alum herself, Becky Ritta (’99) often stayed behind the camera as she coached her class through the process of putting together an excellent yearbook.

The 2015-2016 yearbook staff stepped out from behind the camera for this group shot.


Two members of the 2011-2012 yearbook staff begin to discuss through the year’s ladder, sections, and theme.


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