We have updated our All School Calendar for the 2024-25 school year!

Our Google calendar is the best place to see what’s happening at NC! Take a look below or scroll down to sync it to your own computer or mobile device. You can also view or download our yearly calendar here.

Eagle Athletics are now on rSchool! Stay up to date with all athletic events by following the link.

Keep track of the events you care about.

Now you can add NC events directly to your own calendar! Once you’re all set up, events will automatically update on your device whenever we update them, so you’ll always stay in sync with the latest NC happenings.

Best Option: Google Calendar

If you already use Google Calendar on your devices, that’s the best option. Just click the Google Calendar button to the right of the calendars you’d like to sync with your own Google Calendar.

Option 2: Email Yourself a Link

Otherwise, if you’d rather sync events directly to your smartphone without Google, click on the “email link” to the right and then type in your email address in the “to:” field. Go ahead and hit send. Once you receive the email, open it on the device on which you’d like to have the calendar. Just tap the link and you should get a prompt to subscribe to the calendar.

You can also add one of these calendars directly to Calendar on your Mac by following the instructions here. The Calendar URL is the same link you emailed yourself. For more details on how to sync this calendar with your Outlook calendar, check out these instructions.

If you ever want to remove a subscribed calendar, on an iPhone, you can find it under Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Subscribed Calendars. Click on the calendar you want to remove, scroll to the bottom and tap “Delete Account”.


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