Q & A

What is the Ad Building Preservation Project?

The Ad Building Preservation Project is being undertaken to preserve the iconic Administration Building on Nebraska Christian’s campus.  Built in 1885, the Ad Building has served Central Nebraska by housing Christian education since 1885.  The campus has been a college, a teaching school, a high school, and currently is a PreK-12 private Christian school.

What is the timeline?

The Ad Building Preservation Project was launched in February of 2019 is projected to be complete by Homecoming 2019, September 13-14, Lord willing. Work has already begun and will continue as funds are available. NC is committed to completing the project debt-free.

What about the inside of the Ad Building?

Currently the Ad Building is used primarily for administrative purposes. It houses the essential “behind the scenes” work that serves every single student and family on a daily basis. Sealing the building allows our current administration offices to continue functioning in the same space they have since the school was founded in 1959. Please pray with us that God will give our Board of Education His vision for other ways that this building can continue to glorify Him.

What about the Gym Building?

Phase 2A of the Next 50 Years Capital Campaign, which addresses the kitchen, dining hall, and restrooms of the gym building, is running concurrently with the Ad Building Preservation Project. There is another $50,000 match currently available for Phase 2A, and your gift of any amount to that project will be matched dollar for dollar! Learn more about Phase 2A here.

What about the General Budget?

We are humbled and grateful for God’s provision for our General Budget, which is on track this year. This has given NC leadership confidence and affirmation in moving forward with the Ad Building Preservation Project. It’s budget and Phase 2A’s budget must be raised separately from the annual funding for the General Budget.

How can I help?

If you would like to volunteer labor to help with the project, please contact Joshua Davis at 308-940-2973 or jdavis@nebraskachristian.org.

If you would like to be part of the Ad Building Preservation Project, you can give through our online form, or you can send your check made out to Nebraska Christian Schools Foundation to:

Nebraska Christian Schools Foundation
PO Box 222
Central City, NE 68826

How can I maximize my gift?

Your gift of any amount to the Ad Building Preservation Project is greatly appreciated and will be put to use right away! Gifts of $1,000 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar until the $50,000 matching grant has been fulfilled.

How can I track the progress on the Ad Building?

Check back right here on NC’s website for updates on the Ad Building Preservation Project. You can also share your memories of the building here, or submit questions you have about the project here. Also, catch updates via Facebook or Instagram (#ncadbuilding).