International Tuition & Fees

We’re glad you’re interested in Nebraska Christian Schools! Below, you’ll find information on international student fees, and you can access our application.

Please return your completed application to the following address:

Nebraska Christian Schools
1847 Inskip Avenue
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-3836 FAX: (308) 946-3837

If you have any questions about our program or your application, please contact International Program Director Gib Killion at

International Student Fees

Deposit: $950 until April 1. After April 1, a $10,000 deposit will be required.
This includes the $350 SEVIS fee and $100 application fee (non-refundable). Once the student is accepted, Nebraska Christian must receive the full deposit amount before the I-20 can be sent. The rest is used for unanticipated expenses. Any of the remaining $500 deposit not used by the student will be refunded at the time of departure.

All payments are due by May 1, or two weeks after the student passes the visa interview, whichever is sooner.

International Student Fees: $33,000
Includes tuition, room and board, first-year only tutoring support, insurance, activity fee, book fee, extra-curricular activity fees, airport trips for fall arrival and spring departure, and home stays or airport trips for Christmas and Spring Break. Does not include the graduation fee of $80 or medical fees not covered by insurance.  (Intensive tutoring for second year students and beyond is available at an extra charge.)

This fee also covers several day trips during both semesters for shopping trips to Asian markets, eating at Asian restaurants, and attending various concerts, sporting events, and plays.

Also included are two major trips per year. Past trips have gone to Chicago; the Rocky Mountains in Colorado; San Antonio, Texas; Branson, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Washington, D.C.; Denver, Colorado; and other major cities in the central United States.

Payment Schedule
Payment of tuition, room, board, and other fees may be made in two installments:

  1. Enrollment Deposit $10,000: Due within 10 working days upon the acceptance; the deposit will be applied to the tuition and fees.
  2. Remaining tuition and fees: Due by July 1st or two weeks after the student passes the visa interview, whichever is sooner.
  3. Returning students tuition/room board and other fees may be made in two installments: First installment is due on May 1st each year. The remaining balance is due on August 1st.

All tuition and fees are due by May 1. For application or visa appointment after June 1, one full semester payment is due before the I-20 will be issued. If the student does not receive his/her visa, the tuition payment will be refunded (less the wiring fee) upon our receipt of the official document stating the reason for denial.

Late Payments
A late payment fee of $250 will be assessed on payments that are made after May 1. The student’s spot will not be guaranteed if payment is not received by May 1.

Late payments are not waived under any circumstances. Any payment by check which is returned to the school for insufficient funds will result in the imposition of a $30 service charge.

If any tuition payment remains unpaid 15 days after its due date: (a) the student is subject to suspension by the school from classes and all school related activities; and, (b) the school will not issue any student transcript until all financial obligations have been met. Please be further advised that upon default of the terms of this agreement you may be held liable for the entire unpaid balance plus late fees together with any collection costs including but not limited to attorney fees and filing costs.

Refund Schedule
Since all accounts with the school are due and payable on May 1, the following refunds will be made to students who withdraw. Students who register but do not attend will be charged for one semester. No refunds will be given if a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

International Application