2014 Track Preview

The 2014 track season is in full swing as practice started Tuesday, March 4th, with 20 girls and 23 boys on the team. This year the Eagles have set goals they hope to accomplish as a team. Those goals are to glorify God through the opportunities given during practices and competition, to improve the overall fitness of the athletes, and to build relationships and edify one another through the context of sport. Head Coach Carl Ostrand stated: “I am excited for the beginning of our spring sports season. We have some talented participants returning, and we look forward to working with and developing our younger athletes.” Sophomore Makenna Loy stated: “I have been waiting for track to start since it ended last year! I love the endurance and the power we can all gain by coming together as a team and accomplishing our goal in glorifying God in our actions.” This year’s first track meet is on Friday, March 21, at the Concordia Indoor Invitational.

Team Members and Events:

Hope Baldwin–hurdles and pole vault
Wendy Bornmann–distance
Hailee Broman–hurdles and pole vault
ShayeLeigh Cooper–sprints and jumps
Katie Cumpston–distance
Katie Entz–sprints and jumps
Rachel Epp–distance and pole vault
Madi Fuehrer–distance
Momoko Fukuda–sprints and jumps
Makenna Loy–throws
Amber Mazankowski–distance
Rachel McHargue–distance
Rubi McHargue–sprints
Talia Murphy–sprints
Tara Murphy–hurdles
Hannah Myers–distance
Cailyn Ostrand–sprints and jumps
Cassidy Ostrand–sprints and jumps
Skyler Qu–throws
Sarah Simmons–throws
Warren Dexter–distance
Zac Dockweiler–distance
Jeremiah Ebel–sprints
Levi Elge–throws
Adrian Epp–distance
Hans Epp–distance
Logan Faeh–hurdles and sprints
Carson Falk–throws
Tommy Flynn–throws
Carson Huenefeld–sprints
Cameron Langemeier–distance
Juan Lasso–undecided
Matthew Myers–distance
Dillon Rose–throws
Tim Smith–sprints
Benny Stevens–throws and sprints
Danny Stevens–pole vault and throws
Matthew Swanson–sprints
Trevor Swanson–sprints
John Tran–undecided
Ethan Unruh–throws
Andrew Winsterman–throws and sprints
Myles Wheeler–hurdles and jumps

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