Brooks Gibbs Speaks To Area Students

On Tuesday, September 9th, the Nebraska Christian junior/senior high school students, along with students from all of the other high schools in the county, attended an assembly at the Performing Arts Center. The assembly was hosted by the Merrick County Youth Council (MCYC), a youth-led organization comprised of students from across the county. MCYC invited Nebraska Christian to attend the event last spring when some of the Youth Council’s members, specifically those who attended NC, did a presentation for the school board.

The assembly featured internationally-acclaimed bully-prevention speaker Brooks Gibbs. Brooks spent most of his childhood as a victim of bullying. Once Brooks reached junior high, he was involved in a life-changing experience in which he came to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Brooks was a pastor for several years until he felt the Lord calling him to become a bully-prevention speaker. Brooks’ perspective on bullying situations is much different than most typical bullying speakers. Instead of “disarming” the bully, Brooks tries to equip the victim to deal with the situation themselves. His method comes straight from Matthew 5:44, to “love your enemies.” This approach is unique in today’s society, against the popular anti-bullying view.

During his presentation at the PAC, Brooks demonstrated some bullying situations using volunteers from the audience. NC junior Matthew Myers participated in a bullying skit in which he was supposed to provoke a fight with Brooks. Brooks showed the audience how to use his method to avoid the fight and to befriend the bully.

Afterwards, the students were given a brief presentation by MCYC students and then were dismissed. The high school students returned to campus immediately, while the junior high students waited for the bus to return. While only NC’s junior high students remained at the PAC, Brooks gave them a chance to ask him questions and gave them more personal advice. Brooks was even given a chance to share his testimony with them, something he was not allowed to do with the public school students present.

The students were immediately dismissed upon return to campus, allowing the teachers to return to the PAC where Brooks conducted another session designed specifically for teachers. Mark Leonard, a teacher at Nebraska Christian, had this to say: “The information presented by Mr. Gibbs was very beneficial, if there was a bullying problem that exists within a school. Brooks presented in a manner that kept everyone’s attention.” We are truly grateful for the opportunity to listen to Brooks Gibbs and his lessons.

Learn more about Brooks Gibbs at his website.


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