Teacher Feature: Rich Musgrave

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Rich Musgrave

Mr. Rich Musgrave, the new Bible I teacher, is no stranger to Nebraska Christian. He and his wife, Sara, first came to NC as dorm parents in the 1970s. He also taught Bible, and eventually he became the administrator, a position he held from 1981 to 1995.

The Musgraves have five children, nine living grandchildren, and one grandchild in Heaven. Four of their five children graduated from Nebraska Christian.

Mr. Musgrave graduated from Rockmont College (now Colorado Christian University) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible. He also went to Moody Bible Institute, receiving a diploma in Foreign Missions, and Kearney State College (now the University of Nebraska at Kearney), receiving a degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in School Administration.

Mr. Musgrave said, “I love to teach Bible, as I taught Bible from 1973 though 1995 at Nebraska Christian, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to teach God’s Word. So when Mr. Cumpston asked if I would like to teach Bible, I was more than willing to return to the classroom.”

When asked how he came to know about Nebraska Christian, he said, “I had graduated from Moody Bible Institute, and the summer after graduation the superintendent of Nebraska Christian asked my wife and me if we would come as boys’ dorm parents. We felt it would be good missionary training, as we were planning to go to the mission field, so we said yes and ended up spending 22 years at Nebraska Christian.”

Welcome back to NC, Mr. Musgrave!

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