Where Are They Now: Ruben Ruybalid


Carol & Ruben Ruybalid

Mr. Ruben Ruybalid, along with his wife Carol, first came to Nebraska Christian in 1960. From 1960 to 1969, Ruybalid coached every sport at NC. “Back then, we didn’t have football,” Ruybalid explained in an interview, “Baseball and softball were in the fall, volleyball and basketball were in the winter, and track was in the spring. Basketball practice was in the afternoon, but since all of the students lived in the dorm, volleyball practice took place after supper.” In 1969, Ruybalid stopped coaching everything except NC’s new football team and the track team.

During the 1961-1962 school year, the Ruybalids stepped in as dorm parents for the boys’ dorm. “Every night the teachers’ families would take turns making dinner for the dorm students,” Ruybalid noted. “Every time it was our turn, they would all ask for the same thing: enchiladas and sopaipillas.” After the school year came to an end, the Ruybalids moved into the basement of the Ad building for a month before moving out.

In 1972, the Ruybalids moved to Colorado. They returned to Nebraska in 1975, and Ruybalid resumed teaching at NC. Upon his return, Mr. Ruybalid taught both Spanish and Social Studies, but he did not coach. Instead, he took on the role of the school’s athletic director. Ruybalid continued to teach at NC until 1985, giving him a total of 22 years interaction with the school. The Ruybalids live in Central City, where they continue to be a strong supporters of NC. Their grandsons CJ (12th), Cole (10th), and Cory (7th) are currently NC students.

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