Speech Season Ends with State Medal

On March 24th, the University of Nebraska-Kearney hosted the NSAA State Speech Competition. On their final journey of the season, the Nebraska Christian Speech Team traveled to Kearney with nine participants in seven different events. There were 18 competitors in each event, and after performing for two rounds, the top six would compete in the final round. Danae Burdett, a sophomore on the speech team, received 2nd place in Persuasive with her speech about mental illness. Danae said, “I’m really excited for next year because this year went really well. I achieved more than I thought. I appreciated the help from my coaches and the encouragement from my teammates.” All the Nebraska Speech team did well to glorify God’s name.

Head Coach Charissa Smith said, “After preparing for the blizzard weather, braving the icy sidewalks and overcoming the nervous energy of the start of competition, I was thrilled to hear each of our kids come out of their rounds saying how well they did personally. The competition was tough, but each speech member felt prepared and did their best. As a coach, you can’t ask for much else!”

The speech team did an excellent job this year. All the speech members improved throughout the season, and they could tell God had worked in their lives. The speech team is looking forward to seeing more students join this interesting activity next year. Speech helps students to build up their confidence by having the experience of performing or speaking in front of audiences and helping students to get over their fear of public speaking.

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