Help Us Prepare for School!

The 2016-2017 school year is swiftly approaching, and we need your help!

On Saturday, August 6, we’re looking for a crew of four to six people with construction knowledge who can help us get our greenhouse up. If you can help, please call Gib Killion at 308-440-6211 for more information.

We also have lots of “readying the campus” projects that need to be completed prior to school’s start on August 16. Projects include trimming, weeding, cleaning in the elementary building and Elliot Hall, and window washing. If you can help, call the office at 308-946-3836 to set up a time to come out.

Remember that any time spent working counts toward the 20 hours required to work off each family’s facilities fee. Simply keep track of your time and let us know when you have your hours in.

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