Teacher Feature: Vonda Schnell

vonda-schnell-photoMrs. Vonda Schnell came to know the Lord at the age of 25. The Lord has drastically changed her life in so many ways, and she continues to faithfully follow him. Mrs. Schnell graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, with a B.S. in Agriculture. Years later, when she first heard about Nebraska Christian through her friends, she became curious about the school and its mission. This interested her enough to do some research about the school. She and her husband Roy found this to be a great opportunity for their children (Jordan, 9th grade; Cooper, 6th grade) to attend a new school, and she also decided to apply as a cook. She thought it would be a great way to bless the students and faculty, and a great way to serve the Lord. 

Mrs. Schnell cooks lunch for the students during the day and sometimes helps out with the dorm students’ meals after school hours and before school hours. She then spends her extra hours helping her children with their homework and doing what she can to help others.

Mrs. Schnell feels blessed to be part of the Nebraska Christian family, and she looks forward to what God will accomplish in and through her during this school year.

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