Annual Blood Drive a Success

On Friday, April 7, the student council hosted its annual Red Cross Blood Drive. The drive ran from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and donors included students, staff, parents, and alumni. Student council members took turns manning the registration table, staffing the canteen (snack) area, and visiting with donors while they gave. Senior Class Co-President Morgan Schulze spent several hours working at the drive. Schulze is a two-time donor herself, and she was encouraged to see so many of her peers get involved. She said, “It was fun to help, and I was glad to see people willing to give.”

The drive ended up being the most successful NC drive in recent history, with 30 units of blood being donated. This is three units more than the goal set by the Red Cross and three units more than were given last year. Student Council Sponsor Becky Ritta said, “I was thrilled with the number of students who decided to donate this year! It can be scary to donate blood, and I’m so thankful for a student body that realizes the importance of donation and steps up to give.”

Above: Student Council President Juan Lasso chats with a Red Cross staff member prior to giving blood. Lasso spent most of the day at the blood drive, as he was both a volunteer and a donor.

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