Graduation Ceremony 2023

The graduation ceremony for the class of 2023 at Nebraska Christian took place on Saturday, May 13th at 10:30 am. The event was filled with excitement and joy as 30 graduating seniors donned their class colors, lavender and white. The class flower, a white rose with lavender baby breath, added a touch of elegance to the occasion.

The ceremony began with the class motto, inspired by a quote from CS Lewis: “There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the graduating class as they prepared to embark on their next journey in life.

Jacob Nokelby, the senior class speaker, shared his heartfelt reflections on the transformative journey he and his classmates had experienced during their time at Nebraska Christian. Having attended the school since 7th grade, Jacob received the highest academic standing and will be pursuing a degree in Pre-Med at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He expressed his gratitude for the abundant opportunities and unwavering support they had received, and emphasized their responsibility to live as responsible, God-fearing adults, striving for a life of purpose and glorifying God.

Amanda Carlson, another senior class speaker, echoed Jacob’s sentiments. With a graduating GPA of 3.99 and preparing to head to college at the Montana Wilderness School of the Bible in the fall, she emphasized the importance of not forgetting God as they step into the world. Having been built upon a solid foundation provided by the NC faculty and staff, Amanda urged her fellow graduates to stand strong and live by the motto “Don’t forget God” throughout their lives as they depart from the NC campus.

The commencement address was delivered by retired General Scott Vander Hamm, the VP & Corporate Lead Executive at Northrop Grumman Corporation. He shared invaluable life lessons with the graduating class, emphasizing the importance of faithfulness, using their talents to glorify God, and seeking holiness and happiness in all their endeavors.

The Nebraska Christian Choir provided a melodious backdrop to the ceremony with their enchanting renditions of “All Things New” and “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone).”

Overall, the graduation ceremony was a beautiful and memorable event, filled with uplifting advice and words of wisdom. The class of 2023 has been equipped with the tools and values necessary to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As they go forth into the world, may they honor God in all that they do. Congratulations and God bless the graduating class of 2023!


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