Spring Concert Program

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May 3, 2013

Yorktown March – 5th and 6th grade band

Anasazi – 5th and 6th grade band

Manchester March – 5th and 6th grade band

Captain America – 7-12 band

Selections from Phantom of the Opera – 7-12 band

Circus Days March – 7-12 band

Allegro and Menuett – Yena Yoo & Sophia Zhang – Flute Duet

Misty – Jazz Band

Jumpin’ at the Woodside – Jazz Band

Technology – Katie Cumpston, Warren Dexter, Marilla Flynn, Alexis Hower, Anna Kirby, Braden Moody, Joel Poppe, Katherine Welk – Percussion Ensemble

Farandole – Beran Fisher, Marilla Flynn, Zoe Flynn, Whitney Heuermann, Matt Myers – Brass Quintet

Music Down in my Soul – Katie Cumpston, Zoe Flynn, Whitney Twogood, Katherine Welk – Girls’ Quartet

Prelude in C# Minor – Beran Fisher – Piano Solo

Allegro-Mozart KV229 – Yena Yoo, Sophia Zhang, Vicky Zhang – Flute Trio

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel – Taylor Swantek, Jahn Landrigan – Mixed Duet

Wayfaring Stranger – Shawna Ritta – Vocal Solo

Impromptu – Hans Epp – Piano Solo

Giga – Yena Yoo – Flute Solo

Land of Our Dreams – Anna Kirby – Vocal Solo

Prelude in E Minor – James Royal – Piano Solo

The Flight of the Bumblebee – Kevin Cheng – Clarinet Solo

Moving up to Glory Land – Adrian Epp, Jahn Landrigan, James Royal, Scott Smith – Men’s Quartet

Gavotte – Meagen Dittmer – Violin Solo

Venetian Boat Song – Heidi Hofmann – Piano Solo

Sonata in B Major – Sophia Zheng – Flute Solo

Chariot’s Comin’ – Zoe Flynn & Taylor Swantek – Vocal Duet

Handel Sonata #3 Allegro – Scott Smith – Alto Sax Solo

Wade in the Water – Kim Deichmann – Vocal Solo

Prayer of the Children – Anthony Faeh, Anna Kirby, Jahn Landrigan, Katherine Welk – Mixed Quartet

Moonlight Sonata Movement 3 – Katherine Welk – Piano Solo

Rondo – Shawna Ritta – Clarinet Solo

Give Me Jesus – Zoe Flynn – Vocal Solo

Earth Song – Mixed Ensemble

Irish Suite – Adrian Epp, Anthony Faeh, Emily Simmons, Scott Smith – Sax Quartet

Romeo and Juliet – Juliet’s Waltz – Katherine Welk – Vocal Solo

Fill-a Me Up – Freshman Ensemble

Chopin Ballade – Kevin Cheng – Piano Solo

William Tell Overture – Anthony Faeh, Zoe Flynn, Anna Kirby, Jahn Landrigan, Derek Rose, Scott Smith, Whitney Twogood, Katherine Welk – Mixed Octet

Elijah Rock – Master’s Musicians

How Can I Keep From Singing – Women’s Chorus

The Battle Hymn of the Republic – Men’s Chorus

Come to Jesus – Choir

Let Everything That Hath Breath – Choir

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