Celebrate My Drive–Vote Now!

Do you want to help NC win a $25,000 grant?

You can, and it’s easy and free!


Who is giving the grant?

State Farm is giving out 5 $100,000 grants and 45 $25,000 grants to schools that have an enrollment of 750 students or less.

Why are they giving the grants?

State Farm wants to encourage safe driving habits among teenage and adult drivers. To do so, 10% of each grant must be used to promote safe driving on campus, and the other 90% may be used as the winning schools see fit.

What can I do?

The grant winners are determined by an online vote. The schools with the most votes win! You can vote once a day each day from October 18-26, 2013. Vote by going online to www.celebratemydrive.com and committing to safe driving. Indicate that you want to vote for Nebraska Christian by selecting Nebraska as the state and typing in Central City for the city. You’ll then be able to select Nebraska Christian. Watch our Facebook page for reminders to vote!

Why should I vote?

You should vote for 2 reasons:
1. It’s free and easy to vote, and your vote could help NC win $25,000 or even $100,000! If you can’t give in other ways right now, this is a great way to support NC by giving us a vote!
2. Many NC students have driven thousands of miles to attend NC over the school’s 54 year history. Safe driving is especially important as many NC teens are on the road every day.

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