Spelling Bee Slated for February 11

Nebraska Christian has a long tradition of competing at the Merrick County Spelling Bee. This year is no different, as NC coordinator Janice Stuhmer reported. The year before last, Katie Cumpston placed second in the local bee. Two years before that Scott Smith and Beran Fisher placed first and second at the local contest, and Smith advanced to regionals. Prior to that Kimberly Deichmann, who graduated in 2013, placed first when she was in junior high and advanced to regionals.

This year Stuhmer tested seventh and eighth graders over the course of three days. Each day she gave students twenty-five words, and four students qualified to represent Nebraska Christian on February 11. Cheyenne Glines, Benjamin Janssen, Micah Smith, and Luke Swanson were the top scorers, and Timothy Hofmann is the alternate. Central City Public School, High Plains, Palmer, Zion Lutheran in Worms, and Chapman will be among the Merrick County schools  represented.

The event will take place at the Performing Arts Center beginning at 1:00 p.m. and is sponsored by The Scripps Company as part of their national contest which is annually televised on ESPN. The written portion of the contest presents students with ten words at a time, and subsequent rounds will establish the top 12-15 spellers. These 12 competitors will proceed to the oral contest. The overall winner receives a trophy and the right to compete in Omaha in March.

“It is always a joy for me to accompany our top spellers to the bee. No matter where they finish in the competition, they conduct themselves in a way that brings honor and respect to our Lord and Nebraska Christian Schools,” said Stuhmer.

Note: Four Nebraska Christian elementary students will compete in the elementary bee at 10 a.m. at the PAC Center on the 11th. Jayden Leonard, Seth Hower, Jamie Myers, and Cory Ruybalid will compete, and Olivia Janssen is the alternate.

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