Young, Wild, & Free: Junior High Basketball

The junior high basketball season is in full swing, and the players are honing skills that will hopefully make them successful on the high school level.

This year’s Junior High Lady Eagles are coached by Tonya Ostrand and assisted by Cailyn Ostrand. The team members are Carsyn Ostrand, Jada McHargue, Olivia Prettyman, Claire Ostrand, Alison Winsterman, Kate Pipher, Anna Musgrave, Jessica Hilderbrand, and Emma Kaczor. The team has set some goals to accomplish as a team. Those goals are: to always look for improvement and come together as a team and use teamwork. Coach Tonya Ostrand stated: “The girls are improving greatly. Some of them have never played basketball before. We need to work on some of our skills and learning the game.”

This year’s Junior High Eagles are coached by Clay Mankin and assisted by Keagan Jewell. The team members are Trevor Cumpston, Ryan Dexter, Jon Dockweiler, Cody Griess, Brad Hilderbrand, Ben Janssen, Dylan Kvols, Jacob Mills, Bennett Zaruba, Curt Bailey, Ben Griess, Chase Gulbranson, Brayden Gustafson, Tim Hofmann, Joel Kaczor, Daniel Myers, Joel Poppe, Micah Smith, Luke Swanson, Spencer Williams, and Kyle Kim. This year’s goals for the Eagles are to improve individual basketball skills, be able to teach 21 individuals to play together as a team, and grow in our love for God and others. Coach Clay Mankin stated: “I have really enjoyed coaching this group of guys this year. I think they have shown great improvement this season. I want them to know that a good basketball player is always learning and growing his individual skills and in being a good teammate.”

The teams will next play this Saturday, February 8, at the Cedar Rapids Tournament.

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