International Boys Travel to Oklahoma City

On March 1st, Nebraska Christian’s male international students and a few American adults and students traveled to Oklahoma City for the weekend. This was the third year that they traveled down to OKC to take in a Thunder NBA game.

A blizzard hit the OKC area shortly before the NC group arrived. Mark Leonard, a chaperone on the trip, stated, “The weather was nothing I had ever seen before. That was the first time I ever experienced thunder sleet.” He also added, “Besides the weather, the trip itself was great.”

During the trip, the students had plenty of free time to hang out with their friends and get to know each other better as they spent more time with one another. One of the highlights of the trip was watching the Thunder game at the Chesapeake Bay Arena.

In spite of the weather, students and sponsors enjoyed the experience. Nathan Griess, one of the American students on the trip, said, “It was fun. We bonded a lot, International and American students alike. The game was great. We got free hot dogs and popcorn all night. I will probably go again next year.”

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