Keith Chancey Speaks at Spiritual Emphasis Day

On March 27, Keith Chancey, the President of the Kanakuk Institute, spoke at Spring Spiritual Emphasis Day. He started with a general question: “Where is God?” He also brought up several other questions to supplement this opening question such as: “Why did God create mankind if He knew mankind was going to fall?” “Why did God create evil if God knew evil was going to tempt mankind?” and “Why is there so much suffering in the world today?”

During his speech, he pointed out the four phases one would have to meet to become a true Christian: repent, reconcile, restore, and renewal.

In session two, he brought up the topic about relationships between men and women. He believed that as long as you set and stick to boundaries between the two, it can lead to a healthy relationship. He has his own philosophy towards relationships; it is called SHARKN’. S stands for “Should I get into the relationship?” H stands for “Have I set myself apart to holiness?” A stands for “Am I standing above the crowd?” R stands for “Recognize your responsibility within the relationship.” K means “Keep it fun,” and N stands for “Nothing physical.”

In the last session, he spoke about Kingdom living, and the goal for this section is to be encouraged no matter what you do when you walk out of these doors, and to go and make the most significant impact in the world that you possibility can for Christ. He gave us three simple but powerful challenges: We should always make time with God, determine who should be your disciples, and know who you want to lead to Christ. He illustrated that further with his 3Ps, which are priorities, passion, and power.

Overall, Spiritual Emphasis Day was very educational and encouraging for all who attended.


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