Student Council Officers Elected

Nebraska Christian Schools kicked off Tuesday morning, August 19, with the yearly event that has excited high school kids for generations — school elections. These elections are held to appoint four main officers to represent the student body.

Secretary candidate Emily Simmons

Secretary candidate Emily Simmons

These positions consist of a treasurer, a secretary, a vice president, and a president. The treasurer has the duty of managing the money that must be raised and saved for use by the student body. The secretary’s responsibility is to help organize schedules and keep track of meetings and other student council affairs. The vice president serves as an aid to the president in decision making and idea development. The president is ultimately responsible for making plans and decisions for the student body. The president must also help organize events to bring the student body closer together in unity. These responsibilities require much time, effort, and prayer. It takes a very special person to assume these duties.


Vice President candidate William Le

This year several brave candidates stepped up to take these leadership positions. Running for these positions took even more bravery than normal, as this year each candidate had to give a campaign speech prior to the election. Running for the position of treasurer were Adrian Epp and Amber Mazankowski. Running for the position of secretary were Ethan Unruh and Emily Simmons. The candidates running for vice president were William Le, Hope Baldwin, and Warren Dexter. Finally, the candidates running for president were Carson Huenefeld, Taylor Van Pelt, and John Tran. These students were not only brave by taking on this challenge, but many of them had a sincere desire to do what was best for the student body as a whole. “I ran to be a part of something that is past myself,” says Baldwin, “bigger than just me, to make a difference in the student body, and to help present ideas of the students to the student council.”


President candidate Carson Huenefeld

The competition was stiff between all the competitors, but Tuesday afternoon the final votes were accounted for, and the decision was made. The 2014 Nebraska Christian Student council president is Taylor Van Pelt. The vice president is William Le.The secretary is Emily Simmons, and the treasurer is Adrian Epp. “I am surprised by the results but very blessed,” says Van Pelt. “I will try my hardest to make our school even more great!”

The student body gladly welcomes these new officers and hopes to see continued improvement in the production and unity of the school this upcoming year.

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