Mission: International

2012 school pictures 158For more than a decade now, Nebraska Christian has had a thriving international program. But what all goes on behind the scenes of finding these students? One important piece of the puzzle is Mr. Gib Killion. For many years, Gib has been traveling to Asia to recruit students, visit parents of current NC international students, and establish relationships with agents. Gib left for Asia yesterday, and his current trip will last through March 15. Over the course of these eighteen days, he will be visiting Bangkok, Thailand; Chengdu, Taiyuan; and Beijing, China. He will be working to build strong relationships with NC international students’ families and holding meetings with agents, families, and students, telling about the school.

“I’m most looking forward to spending time with families and sharing with them,” says Gib. “Also, I will get to see two new little babies of couples I’m really close to.”

Gib looks forward to the great journey ahead of him and plans to share the love of Christ with those he meets on the way. The student body and teachers of NC will keep him in their prayers as he takes on this mission.

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