Meet an Eagle: Landon Barcel

NC1_5983Today, bowling is a common sport that has more than 100 million participants all over the world. The main goal of bowling is for the player to knock over all the pins at the end of the lane by rolling a bowling ball. It sounds fairly easy. However, it isn’t. To be a good bowler, you need to be in good condition, and a good bowler is usually speedy. After building a strong body, a good bowler has to learn to focus accurately on the lane. A good bowler also needs to study proper bowling techniques and practice frequently. Patience and balance also determine a good bowler.

NC has an excellent bowler, Landon Barcel, a sophomore. He started bowling when he was in 5th grade because he wanted to enrich his activities and do something meaningful. Bowling was an independent sport, so Landon could play it whenever he wanted. Realizing that he was actually good at bowling, Landon continued with the sport and has now been bowling for five years. NC does not have a bowling team, so Landon bowls in a league in Columbus on Mondays. His highest accomplishment in bowling was a game of 288; it was amazing because a perfect bowling score is 300. His highest series (three-game combined total) is 682 pins. Landon hopes to bowl in college (he’s currently looking at Wichita State University) and then become a professional bowler.

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