Season’s End: A Football Player’s Perspective

The Nebraska Christian Eagles football team has been having an excellent season! Being a part of this team is a gift; many of my friends play alongside me, and we really have become like family. Our season started tough with a loss to East Butler, but we bounced back with six straight wins to post a record of 6-1 so far.

10-16-2015 VFB vs Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family (35 of 54)Our coaches encourage us to react to the ball, play as hard as possible, and be physical up front. Assistant Coach Andy Falk said, “On defense, we need to step up in the first half of the game and not let the other team score on their first drive.” We have taken Coach Falk’s words to heart, and we’ve become more physical up front. Also, the secondary has eight interceptions so far this season.

The last game of the year, which will be played Friday at Clarkson-Leigh, will be hard fought and difficult to win, but our coaches have faith in our training, and we trust our teammates to do the right things at the right time. We can rise to the occasion!

It’s sad that we aren’t eligible for playoffs this year (due to enrollment numbers), but God has a plan for our team. All in all, we have done many great things this season. Even though the season cannot continue beyond Friday night’s game, we still give the glory to God, win or lose. Every practice, we thank Him for the ability to play football; we are very grateful!

Photos by William Feely

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